Departments of Quality Assurance

The pursuit of excellence and quality remains the top most priority of the management. To maintain international quality standards, comprehensive checks and inspections are carried out at every stage of manufacturing. Testing facilities include metallographic equipment, online precision gauges and run-out machines which enable the professionally trained and qualified staff to check and maintain standards consistently and effectively. Each and every stage inspections are documented as per ISO9000. The activities of quality assurance are distributed over following areas:

  • Certificate
  • Certificate
  • Certificate

A) The operator of machine is provided with all the necessary gauges & well defined quality standards.

B) Petrol / rowing inspection by stage inspector.

C) Inspection & certification of 1st piece, adjustment of lines in joining line spacing and inspection on every change of setting.

D) Prior to packing 100% final inspection of critical dimensions & sampling inspection of non-critical dimensions. Apart from the above, Quality Assurance Department remains actively involved in the development of new components.

Dynamic Balancing

Since the company is engaged in the manufacturing of moving parts like fly wheel, differential housing of axle system, etc.Therefore, all thesecomponentsrequires dynamic balancing. The same is critical to avoid abnormal vibrationsof the revolving parts at high RPM. we have a dynamic balancing machine which is fully equipped and operated by experience and properly trained technicians/ engineers.

Axle Testing

Normally, new axles are susceptible to running faults upon installation on the trailer. To minimize this, an indigenously designed Axle Testing Rig has been developed at MEW. Grinding of brake shoes as per required circumferential dia is critical priorit'smounting. Upon assembling, performance of each component of the assembly including hub and drum is tested on the bench for at least two hours. This ensures,proper lapping of drum with the shoes thereby achieving best brake efficiency and reliable performance of the axles. The other purpose of the rig is to check the over-heating of the brake drum and hub while wheel bearings are tightened to its designed torque.

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