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Vision Statement:

To become the most reliable and innovative manufacturer in automotive industry of the region.

Mission Statement:

To supply high-quality of fire fighting vehicles, refuellers, trailers, bowzers, ground support equipment, etcto the clientelethrough utilizing modern technologies,engineering innovation,highly skilled employees, dedicated system for continuous improvement, highest business and work ethics, thereby leading to added value for our customers and sustained return on investment to our shareholders.

Core Values:

We don't simply deploy Project Engineers, we undertake projects from its conception to final completion while working in close liaison with our clients in order to fulfill the customer requirements.

We offer Feasible Engineering Solutions to our clients so as to make the project highly economical and meeting all quality standards.

We worked together collectively to accomplish our common vision & goals.

We believe in Long Term Relationships with our clients through providing our services beyond their expectations.

We Demonstrate Respect and appropriate loyalty towards our customers, colleagues and suppliers.

We uphold our commitments towards customers and employees.

Being Responsive and Flexible in our communications and recognising the needs & wants of the clientele.

Developing and using Administrative Practices which are appropriate to the task, Recruiting carefully, investing in our people at all levels and recognising the essential part that their knowledge, experience and commitment play in the success of the company.

Striving to give our clients Value For Money, measured as the comparison between the cost of delivering the project and the total benefit to the client's business.

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